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Town Planning and Design, LLC's services cross many boundaries within the areas of architecture, interior design, urban design, historic preservation, city and town planning, and development process facilitation.  Town Planning and Design emphasizes the need of the client's goals and economics in creating a "Sense of Place". 

Little Italy San Antonio Site Masterplan

Town Planning and Design, LLC will be developing a Site Master Plan for an area(7 acres) of the city known as LISA(Little Italy San Antonio) which was inspired by a town in the Calabria region of Southern Italy which was home to the first Italian immigrants who moved to San Antonio. The immigrants settled and developed their homes in the northwest sector of downtown adjacent to Columbus Park.

The scope of services is the development of a conceptual plan, a financial analysis of the plan, outlining the capitalization strategies to implement the plan, and outline strategies for moving the LISA Site Masterplan forward.

The Site Master Plan will look toward a public private partnership, utilizing a mixed use development, building a vibrant public space, creating a neighborhood identity, and utilizing structured parking.