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Town Planning and Design, LLC's services cross many boundaries within the areas of architecture, interior design, urban design, historic preservation, city and town planning, and development process facilitation.  Town Planning and Design emphasizes the need of the client's goals and economics in creating a "Sense of Place". 

Brooks City Base Master Plan Project

Town Planning and Design is working with our client, Brooks City Base, to develop a Master Plan, Plan Amendment and Rezoning of approximately 600 plus acres.  This process will entail developing land use configurations and facilitate the development process for the approval of a plan amendment and rezoning of the property. One of the key issues is the amount of traffic generated by the future development of this area and connecting to the existing transportation system. The potential to have a direct access to the existing freeway system is a possibility. In addition, the extension of New Braunfels Avenue, a major thoroughfare on the City of San Antonio Major Thoroughfare Plan, to the South in the future will assist in addressing future traffic congestion for the future growth and development of the acreage.

Brooks City Baseis a mixed use development consisting of housing, retail and industrial land uses. Brooks City Base was formally an Air Force Base and has transitioned to a land use development. It came about in 1997 with planning activity between the City of San Antonio and the Air Force to develop a “City Base Concept”. Then in 1999, the US Congress enacted Brooks City Base Project special legislation and was amended in 2001. In 2001, the City of San Antonio established the Brooks City Base Authority and the State of Texas created the Military Base Redevelopment Authority. Then in 2001, Brooks Air Force Base conveyed the base to Brooks Development Authority which has created a unique partnership among the USA Air Force, City of San Antonio, State of Texas and Brooks Development Authority.